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Highly Effective Autumn Lawncare Tips

Autumn is the perfect time to get your lawn ready for the cooler months ahead. With the right care and preparation now, you can have a lush, green lawn that thrives through fall, winter and springs back beautifully next year. Here are some highly effective tips for autumn lawncare:

lawn mowing in autumn

Continue Mowing Weekly

Keep mowing your lawn on a weekly basis to maintain optimal growth. If grass growth slows due to cooler weather, you can increase the mowing height slightly and mow every 10 days. Always mow when the lawn is dry or just slightly damp to avoid an uneven cut. Take off no more than 1/3 of the grass blade in each mowing session. Adjust mowing frequency to match growth rate..

Fertilize with a Balanced Autumn Feed

lawn fertilising

Early September is the ideal time to fertilize your lawn with an autumn lawn fertilizer that provides balanced nutrition. Look for a slow-release fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. This will provide nourishment through autumn and prep the grass for winter. You can also use a liquid lawn feed if you prefer spray application. Apply after mowing and watering in well.

Overseed Bare Spots

lawn overseeding

Bare patches and thin areas of grass can be filled in nicely with new grass seed in September. The soil is still warm enough for good germination. Mow, rake, and remove debris first. Then apply starter fertilizer, spread seed evenly, and gently rake again to make good soil contact. Water daily until sprouted. Consider shade-tolerant or sun-loving seed mixes.

Attack Moss Growth

lawn scarifying

If moss is a problem in your lawn, early fall is a great time to apply moss killer. Iron sulfate products work well. Mow first so the product can get down to the soil. It will turn moss black as it dies off. Rake out dead moss a week later. Repeat treatment as needed until moss is under control.

Remove Fallen Leaves

autumn leaves cleaning

As trees begin to drop leaves, regularly rake or blow debris off grass to allow sunlight to reach the blades. Excess leaves left in place can lead to bare patches and disease. Compost leaves or use as garden mulch. Stay vigilant with leaf removal through autumn.

Control Broadleaf Weeds

Early fall is ideal for applying selective broadleaf weed killers containing dicamba or 2,4-D. This targets weeds like dandelions and clover while leaving your grass unharmed. Follow product instructions carefully. Monitor for new weed growth and spot treat as needed.

Aerate and Dethatch

lawn aeration

Improve drainage, soil oxygen, and root development by aerating your lawn in September. Dethatching/raking first is ideal. Do this when grass is actively growing for quick recovery. Can be done by machine rental or manual tools.

Following these simple autumn lawn care tips will prep your yard beautifully for the cooler months ahead. Just a few hours of work now will pay off all season long with a lush, healthy lawn.

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