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Weed Control

  The neglect of plants is a major cause of their death. Grass weeds can ruin the appearance and atmosphere of your lawn, disrupting the peaceful nature of your outdoor area. There is no straightforward solution that consistently eliminates these weeds. Over-the-counter weed killers, which are diluted for safety reasons, often do not provide long-lasting results, and manually removing weeds is a tedious, strenuous task that takes up a lot of time and effort. By using our regular feed and weed treatment, you can prevent lawn weeds, nourish your grass, and maintain weed control throughout the year.  Weeds in a lawn compete for space just like any other plant. Even seemingly harmless weeds like daisies can cause issues, as their broad leaves block sunlight from the surrounding grass and steal important nutrients from the soil. Moss in your lawn can also be problematic, as it absorbs rainwater and prevents it from reaching the soil, creating a damp environment where disease can thrive.  Weeds can make your property look untidy, but they can also attract pests like rats, create a fire hazard, collect debris and litter, and damage hard surfaces such as paved areas, tarmac, and concrete. It is important to control moss and algae on walkways, as they can make the surface slippery and pose a slipping hazard. We can use professional herbicides to effectively control weeds and address these issues without damaging paved surfaces, tarmac, or concrete.

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