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  • Can you pressure wash a block driveway?
    Yes, we can jet wash any kind of drive including mono-block, crazy paving, natural stone, concrete, tarmac, or even slabs. Some types of surfaces are more labor-intensive than others, however, the prices quoted may vary depending on your drive type.
  • Can I get a drive jet washed all year round?
    Yes, but the weather does have an impact on cleaning block paving as has to be dry to finish the job properly by putting fresh sand into the joints. This can be difficult through the winter and if damp the sand won't fill the joints properly. So best to book it during the summer months.
  • If I book A&M pressure washing services, will you seal my drive to?"
    When we come to see and measure the surface to be jet washed, we will discuss with you the process and the costs involved in sealing your patio/driveway. The sealant will give a durable gloss or matt finish to the surface, help to prevent weed growth, stabilize the sand and stop oil and other liquids penetrating the surface and make for easy removal. We do not take shortcuts by applying sealants in the wrong weather conditions. The sealants must be applied to a fully dry surface with no rain forecast for 24 hrs to enable the drying process.
  • Will you remove lichen spores too?
    We will use different types of chemicals to remove lichen spores, moss, algae, weeds, and black spots, where need it. Because the jet washing service is often done near garden/ green spaces we will try as much as possible to avoid using any chemicals. However, if there are any stains or moss/algae growth on the drive, then chemicals may be used as required.
  • Will you use my electricity?
    No, we will use a professional petrol pressure washer.
  • Will you use my water supply?
    Yes, to perform the service we will need access to an outside tap, and the area to be cleaned needs to have drainage or someplace where the water can be drained, especially if chemicals were used in the process.
  • How long does the service take?
    This is not an hourly-based service. It all depends on the dimensions and the condition of the area that is being washed.
  • Can pressure washing remove oil or paint stains?
    Well, in some cases there will be some noticeable effect but we can't guarantee complete removal.
  • How much does it cost to pressure wash a patio?
    Our pressure washing services are not hourly-rated. If you only need pressure washing, we charge £ 2.5 per square meter, with a minimum charge of £ 50 for areas smaller than 20 sq.m.
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