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Garden Clearance

   Sometimes the garden can get away from you, that’s ok, we get it! For many busy families, the garden is the most difficult part of the home to keep up with. That’s why our garden clearance service is designed with that in mind. By hiring a local, personal gardening company, you can be sure your beloved plants and grass will be in safe hands.

Just tell us exactly what you need and your garden clean-up service will be carried out following your specific requirements. It can include:


  • Removal of weeds and all kinds of bramble;

  • Trimming and cutting back hedges;

  •  Pruning or complete removal of bushes and ivy;

  •  Lawn mowing;

  •  Removal of pesky weeds and rouges;

  •  Invasive plants treatment and removal;

  • Clear the areas with excessive vegetation completely;

  • Clear grass and fallen leaves;

Keep in mind that this sort of gardening service may take from several hours to a complete day, depending on the state of your green space.

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